Real Estate Video

Using real estate video to showcase your listing is almost always a must. Biglin Photography offers traditional walk through real estate videos as well as 3D Virtual Tours. If a listing has a few area that are not flattering and should not be showcased I usually recommend the traditional walk through. However if the house is in great condition and has “nothing to hide” the 3D Virtual Tour is definitely the way to go. People love to be able to interact and be fully immersed in the experience. It is possible to close a door and avoid a room or two in the 3D Virtual tour, but it will show up as a dark area in the dollhouse view. If a room is located on any of the sides of the house it can appear to just not be there.

For traditional real estate video walk through, a sunny day is always preferred, especially if aerial drone video is added.

The drone should not be flying in winds over 25 miles an hour and we avoid rain at all cost. We live in Florida, better to wait a day and get that beautiful blue sky in the background of the video.

Drone footage can also be combined with the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour footage, however, the video will be on a regular 2D platform and the 3D loses it interactive effects. The crisp, beautiful quality of the professional real estate pictures is still intact though.