Biglin Photography was established when professional photographer Mette Biglin relocated to Stuart in 2010. At the time Mette had been shooting award winning wedding photography in The Florida Keys since 2005. Biglin Photography grew with technology and now offers drone video, drone real estate photos, real estate video, 3D Virtual Tours, powered by Matterport, Roof Reports, Aerial Mapping, Construction Project Tracking, 3D Modeling, Spoil Pile Volume Measurements and Property Development Drone Video and Photography.

With Biglin Photography, the possibilities of capturing your projects are endless. We believe that if it is boring, dirty or dangerous, our state of the art drone technology and certified FAA Commercial UAV Operators can capture your mission.

Biglin Photography offers drone photography and drone video as well as traditional video.

For realtors, aerial photography and drone video come in handy when listing a residential or commercial property on the water, a golf course or near any special features that could benefit from an aerial view. “The Treasure Coast is filled with hidden gems, let’s uncover a few”!
While an aerial view can provide a much better visual of the surrounding areas, a real estate 3D virtual tour with a professional and creative photographer offer the client a fully immersive experience of the property. The Matterport technology offers high end quality images as the potential house or yacht buyer can “walk” through the listings wearing Virtual Reality Goggles!
For those less adventuress, the 3D Virtual Tours can be taken on a Mac computer or any touch screen devise, such as an iPad or cell phone. This is just one of the many features Biglin Photography offers.
Biglin Photography has several different packages to choose from, however, we will customize any package to your needs at no extra cost. Biglin Photography provides free consultations for any type of photo shoot, aerial coverage and drone video. We believe you should only pay for products you want, and will use. All the packages do have one thing in common: Full rights to all images taken! This means that you can post them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, use them on your website, make your own photo albums online, have prints made at your favorite lab, etc.
Biglin Photography offers prints and as an option with some of their packages, but you are not required to purchase these through Biglin Photography. The copyright only stands for any resale scenarios of photos or video taken.

Biglin Photography was approached by the Fire Chief of Boynton Beach to create this amazing aerial video project. The 22 Day Pushup Challenge is to raise awareness for the 22 American Veterans who commit suicide in our country daily.
We started our shoot early morning in Palm Beach County. Pilot, Bill Biglin, flew the drone over the water and followed a wave runner with two lifeguards to shore. Lifeguards and maintenance workers attended from various departments and some did pushups in the sand wearing suits and office clothes.
The next stop was the Boynton Beach Police Department. The drone was successfully flown over the police department and all the officers did an outstanding job with their pushups.
Finally, Boynton Beach Fire Department, Station #5, had moved the ladder truck for one of the firemen to perform pushups on. It gave me goosebumps to see all these brave men and women come together in support of their brothers and sisters who are former military. The 22 Day Pushup Challenge has been my favorite video project to work to date!