“Photography has always been a passion of mine”. Mette Biglin

I purchased my first camera in Hong Kong, while backpacking through Asia with a girlfriend.

There is no better feeling than knowing you just took the perfect shot.

Many years later I was given a Canon Rebel for Christmas by my wonderful husband. Bill clearly knew I had a passion for photography and this allowed me to be more serious and advanced in my shoots.

Living in the Florida Keys, I had many different jobs. I started out as an intern at Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo. I would take pictures of the children swimming with the dolphins and make them keepsake photo albums. Later on, I was in the restaurant industry where we catered weddings and part of my job was to document the events through pictures of the menu and setups. It seems I was always able to make photography part of my job, no matter what I did. My first professional shoot was an extravagant birthday party in Islamorada. One thing lead to another and I was hired by McLaughlin Photo and Video in Tavernier, Florida.

I truly believe you can take every class known to man about photography and study every picture ever taken, but if you don’t have the eye and true passion, photography is not for you.

Working for McLaughlin Photo I started shooting Nikon. Times were changing and digital photography became more and more popular. It took me a good 3-4 years to fully commit to digital photography. The quality was finally up to par with film and the advantages were obvious. I no longer had to plan my shots to a tee when shooting the bride coming down the aisle. It was easy to see if you had good lighting on the subjects right away. As I am an onsite photographer, lighting is everything. If possible, you always want to plan your photo shoot around the soft light; early in the mornings or right before sunset.

Working with McLaughlin Photo and Video taught me not only how to shoot a compelling image but also how to edit and give it character. Shooting and editing videos was also part of my job description.

The time went by, my family and I decided it was time to leave the Florida Keys. We moved to Stuart in 2010 where I launched Biglin Photography, LLC.

I truly enjoy the freedom of owning my own business and calling the shots!