Aerial Photography

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Drone services including Aerial Photography has been offered by Biglin Photography for about 5 years now. We started out with the DJI, Phantom 2. It was completely upgraded by DSLR Pros. The video platform was a GoPro Hero 4 black on a Zemmus H3-3D gimbal. It was controlled by a Futaba, 8FGS remote especially designed for DSLR Pros. We have since gone through several models. Currently we fly with the Phantom 4 Pro. This particular drone has a built in camera that shoots in 4K. We are able to shoot video and pull still images or simply shoot stills, depending on the client need.

Aerial photography allows us to take High Definition and 4K video as well as still aerial photos from the air. Our pilots are highly trained at, or above the industry standards and continues to take additional aerial photo classes to keep up with regulations and excepted practices. Biglin Photography is able to bring you a view of your special event or real estate property, like never before! Only your imagination limits the images we are able to provide.

As seasoned aerial photographers, we recognize that the sight and sound of a drone can be distracting. During your special event or ceremony we will fly at an altitude above 100 feet so as not to be seen or heard, easily. Aerial photography and video option can be added to ANY photography package.

Our aerial photos and video drone operator’s first priority is safety! Bill Biglin has taken numerous classes on the safe operation, care and maintenance of our drones. We continue to educate ourselves in the excepted industry standards for safe operation and use.

Biglin Photography understands there are certain concerns about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stance on the commercial use of drones. We comply with all FAA and American Modelers Association (AMA) rules and recommendations for safe operation of our drones during flight.
We have only just begun to uncover all the amazing things drones can be used for and Biglin Photography is proud and excited to be part of this new wave of discoveries.