Aerial Wedding Videography

Having aerial wedding videography shot by drone to produce aerial wedding videography is the newest trend in the wedding industry. The drone footage and aerial wedding video adds nice, high end flair to your wedding video. One might even say it takes it to the next level. Having aerial wedding videography captured by the drone footage adds a certain dynamic to your wedding video, even just a couple of minutes, can take the video from average to big screen material. We work together with the wonderful team Frank and Colleen Garreld at Eclipse Videography. We have shot several weddings with them and they do beautiful work.

Your wedding doesn’t have to be outside for the drone to be able to fly over. We have flown over churches and captured the bride and groom leaving with a stunning view of the entire church behind them. If the ceremony if outside, as a courtesy to the guests and wedding party, as well as the bride and groom, the drone stays at an altitude of at least 100 feet. This helps cut the sound (it sounds like a swarm of bees) and still allows for a crisp and clear view of the ceremony, walk up, kiss etc.

Biglin Photography has obtained a license so we can fly at night. This means if your reception is in a back yard or on the beach or any outdoor venue, we will be able to document it with the lights on from a beautiful bird’s eye view.

Still images from aerial video photography can be taken from the drone of the wedding and reception, can also be included.