Aerial Progress

Drone or aerial data impact complex operations around surveying and calculations, the real value of aerial progress tracking is even simpler. Photos from above are helping digitize constructions sites and make decisions across departments that impact the business every day.

Drones don’t just provide high-quality aerial photos. Drones are a machine in a sophisticated information chain: you can capture images and data automatically and replicate those captures whenever you want. All data are then automatically configured for and integrated into the analytical and business solutions you already use.
Importantly, aerial progress tracking is about accountability. This gives you impartial attribution. Among other things, this is the perfect solution for resolving claims quickly and impartially.

Photographs provide one of the best records of job progress. Acquired consistently, photos allow managers to track jobs and judge if work is progressing on schedule, and they can also prove when (and how well) work was completed. Additionally, a review of the photographic record can demonstrate when progress was best, which helps stakeholders identify hang-ups and informs solutions for improving efficiency and design.

Our drones can easily capture crisp images in places it might otherwise be difficult or impossible, such as close to the exteriors of high-rises or underneath spans and structures. We often forget that drones can also take pictures close to the ground, and can get closer to subjects than can legally and physically be done using a helicopter.

With Biglin Photography you get visuals that are both comprehensive and precise for sites of any size, and pictures offer a visual timeline of project progress. Aerial progress tracking can improve and accelerate several existing processes:

• Report and forecast project status
• Document progress over time
• Plan and adjust transportation routes
• Track efficiency of site layout
• Monitor resource use and adjust allotment
• Track and record contractor work