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You will not get a second chance for wedding photos. Do your best to get them right the first time. Free consultations!

“I hope your wedding will be the most memorable, magical day of your life. I know mine was.” Mette Biglin, photographer

Having a professional wedding photographer and great wedding photos is a must. These will be in your family for a very long time. A wedding photo is something your children and your grandchildren will be able to look at and cherish for years to come.

Once it’s all said and done, the cake has been eaten and you have drank the last champagne, all you will have left are the memories, and that’s where a wedding photographer from I Do Photography comes in!

Biglin Photography will provide you with a “wedding photo shot list”. This will be the guideline for your wedding photographer on your wedding day. Here you will be able to jot down any special requests for your wedding photographer. Maybe a very important family member is flying in from out of town, and you want to make sure you get a picture with him or her.

You can book your wedding photographer as early as you like. The most common time frame is 6 months to a year before your wedding date. Biglin Photography has several weddings booked over a year out already! If you wait too long you might not be able to get the date you want.

The key to a successful wedding is proper planning. Review Biglin Photography wedding photography packages, remember we offer custom packages and please call for a free consultation.

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Wedding Planning Helpful Hints:

Set a realistic time line and stick with it!!

Don’t go overboard with wedding traditions. Pick a few and make them amazing. Example: If you are doing a sand ceremony on the beach, you don’t need to jump over a broom and release doves too. – Keep it simple!!!

Be willing to compromise, if necessary, but remember, this is your day. Other people’s wishes might not be the same as yours. Make sure you stay true to what your idea of the wedding should be like, not your mom’s or Aunt Julie’s who feels the entire family should be invited, even though you don’t know half of them. Remind them there is a budget!!

Speaking of budget… Be sure to prioritize your hard earned money right.

Spending money on party favors, napkins with your names on them and such might seem like a great idea when you are at the store. But really, half of the guests will not notice “Love forever” on the label of their water bottle.

Think about things they will notice, like a great DJ or live band. The food is always something people talk about at weddings. Invite 100 people for an amazing dinner rather than 250 people for a mediocre buffet. The venue is important, but not at all cost.

Make sure you let all the participants in the wedding party know what you want them to do. Don’t ever assume a grooms man know exactly what his role is … trust me.

When you buy your dress make sure you can move and sit in it!!!! Strapless dresses look great in the wedding magazines, but, being able to move and sit should always be a priority.

If the dress must be strapless, consider having a veil to help cover your over arms. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious on your wedding day.

It can be really fun to play “The Shoe Game” or putting on a special dance during the wedding or pulling out a pair of huge underwear from under the dress when removing the garter. Just keep in mind that your guests also want the opportunity to dance and play. Unless everybody is involved, stick to just a couple of games.

Be sure to have the DJ play music you like, but try to have him or her combine it with music everybody can dance to. An empty dance floor is never good. Most DJ’s are good at playing new music, but there’s something romantic about throwing a little Frank Sinatra in the mix every once in a while.[/wrc_column]