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Biglin Photography Roof Report

Biglin Photography Roof Report

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Roof Reports
“If it’s boring, dirty or dangerous, drone can handle it!”

More and more companies use drones for their roof inspections and reports.
Commercial drone legislation around the world has mead it possible for today’s largest businesses to integrate these powerful tools into their operations.

If a roof is damaged, to resolve claims quickly you need to overcome many obstacles. Perhaps you’re unable to go on-site quickly enough, maybe you need to get your hands on accurate measurements without climbing a ladder and running a tape measure, or maybe still, you’re strapped for time and need a better way of recording your estimates.

Whatever the challenge, Biglin Photography can help with the images, measurements, and dimensions you need – all without leaving your desk!

Having precise measurements is crucial, no matter your need; you’ll get a comprehensive roof sketch with unprecedented accuracy and detailed dimensions including perimeter, slope, roof drip, and so much more.
Accuracy and innovation are our top priorities. That’s why Biglin Photography’s roof reports are produced from high-quality aerial imagery. We continue to advance our technical capabilities and proprietary data to source fresh imagery at a groundbreaking scale.

Spend LESS Time on Roofs – Get more done without stepping on a ladder. With Biglin Photography you’ll have a 3D model created for you as part of your roof report package. This is especially valuable when situations make it difficult to visit a property quickly.

Injury Prevention – Stay on solid ground – evaluate and review roof measurements and characteristics without setting foot on a hazardous, steep, or fragile roof.

Virtually Inspect Damage From Your Office – High-resolution aerial or UAV imagery can help you inspect roof conditions as well as identify hail hits or wind-damaged shingles even before arriving at the property.

Start Repairs Sooner – Data packages can help you generate quicker estimates without ever climbing on a roof, helping repairs get started faster, and decreasing cycle times.