Biglin Photography offers professional head shots and portraits for today’s world of online images and various print materials.

If you are anything like me, you are terrible with names. I will usually know if I have met someone before, I might even be able to tell that they got a haircut in the meantime, but their name…this is why it is important to have an easy recognizable business card. Having your headshot on your business card allows people to remember you easier and alleviates any uncomfortable confusion as to who you and maybe even where you have met before.

At Biglin Photography head shots are taken on a weekly basis. A session includes all images taken, 4-5 enhanced and of course, full right to all images.

Within two business days you will get an email with all the headshots taken, less any outtakes. We ask clients to pick their favorite headshots and these images will be enhanced. Please see example below.

All headshots are provided in high resolution formats and can be used on advertising material such as business cards and brochures as well as website, social media, etc. This is why we ask clients to pick a couple of favorites, so you don’t have to use the exact same picture on all your business related items.